Leaders in Philanthropy

Class of 2021 New Inductees

Each fall, The Citadel Foundation hosts the Leaders in Philanthropy induction ceremony. The event celebrates the generosity of those donors whose lifelong support allows the college to pursue its vision of achieving excellence in the education of principled leaders. 

Members of the college’s lifetime, legacy and loyalty giving societies gather on campus to be honored in front of their peers. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony went virtual last year, but The Citadel Foundation is pleased to host the event in person this October to induct the new 2021 Leaders in Philanthropy, listed here. The 2020 inductees, who were recognized in these pages last year, are also invited back to campus to be celebrated publicly at the induction ceremony and participate in the associated festivities.

The Citadel’s lifetime giving societies honor those individuals who have expressed their profound commitment to the college through their leadership gifts totaling $100,000 or more by the close of the preceding calendar year. Donors who have included The Citadel in their estate plans become members of The Citadel Legacy Society.

Through the Order of the Tartan, we acknowledge those loyal donors who have given consecutively at any level for 25 years or more. Beginning at the five-year mark, donors are recognized for their consecutive giving with a tartan-patterned lapel pin, with additional recognition offered at 10, 15, and 20 years. Upon reaching the 25th year, these loyal donors receive their tartan sash and are officially inducted into the Order of the Tartan at the annual ceremony. 

The Citadel Foundation proudly welcomes the new Leaders in Philanthropy listed here who have joined their peers in this annual tradition celebrating charity and service as virtues of the principled leader.

On behalf of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets and the entire campus community, we salute these individuals for their extraordinary generosity, vision and lifelong loyalty to The Citadel.

Founders’ Society

$5,000,000 and greater

Just as the founders of The Citadel conceived of an institution that would “awaken greater ardor in the people, and a warmer interest in our rulers, to advance the cause of education,” members of the Founders’ Society demonstrate the vision and commitment that will ensure the long-term vitality of the college. The Founders’ Society is The Citadel’s most prestigious giving society.

William B. Endictor, J.D., ’59

Society of 1842

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

Since its founding in 1842, The Citadel has molded individuals into citizen-soldiers who put into action the guiding principles learned in the barracks, in the classroom and on the parade field as they serve their families, their communities, their professions and their country with distinction.

Col. and Mrs. Harry R. Good, Jr., ’75

Mr. Richard E. Sachs, ’86

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Washo, ’71

Mark Clark Society

$500,000 to $999,999

Gen. Mark W. Clark (1896-1984) became president of The Citadel after a career seldom equaled in the United States Army. During his tenure (1954-1965), The Citadel achieved international recognition, and the Corps of Cadets increased to the maximum capacity of the barracks. One of Clark’s most enduring accomplishments was the founding of the Cadet Honor Code, whereby a cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.          

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Alexander, ’65

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Black, III, ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daniel, ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hardaway, ’71

Mrs. Rita McManus

Maj. and Mrs. Daniel S. McQueeney, ’71

Mr. and Mrs. F. Ritchie McQueeney, ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Navarro  

Mr. M. Jack Whisnant

Star of the West Society

$250,000 to $499,999

Citadel graduates have served their country in every conflict since the Mexican War. Named for the historic Civil War action led by a detachment of Citadel cadets, the Star of the West Monument on Summerall Field commemorates all Citadel cadets and graduates who died in defense of their country and recognizes the strong call to service demonstrated by Citadel men and women.  

Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Barnes, ’87

Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. Randall Brooks, ’77

Mr. Daniel B. Crosby, ’95

Ms. Susan R. Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Fernandez, ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Hutchison, Jr., ’57

Mr. Earle Mauldin, III, ’63, and Ms. Debbie Davidoff

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott McKenzie, Jr., ’69

Mr. Frank B. Robards, III, ’81

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Stone, Jr., ’80

Mr. James S. Wigfall, ’82

Summerall Society

$100,000 to $249,999

Gen. Charles Pelot Summerall (1867-1954) assumed the presidency of The Citadel in 1931 after retiring as chief of staff of the United States Army. During his 22-year tenure as president, the campus was greatly expanded to include many of the buildings that shape The Citadel footprint today, including Summerall Chapel, Capers Hall, LeTellier Hall and McAlister Field House.

Capt. and Mrs. Tony L. Albano, ’79

Col. and Mrs. Charles R. Ball, ’76

Mrs. Ann H. Gaydosh

Mrs. Roberta A. Hartzog 

Col. and Mrs. Tecumseh Hooper, Jr., ’69

Mr. and Mrs. James A. King, II, ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Krapf, ’82

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lennox, Jr., ’60

Mrs. Lori Lewis 

Mrs. Beatrice Maybank 

Mr. and Mrs. Matt F. Miller, ’71

Mr. Stewart L. Miller, ’71

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Motley, Jr., ’72

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Nicholson, Jr., ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Ousley, ’95

Mrs. Sandra A. Pettersen 

Mr. James H. Pugh, ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Rennebaum, ’84

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rodenberg, ’56

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Salley, ’89

Mrs. Carol R. Storey 

Mr. Julian L. Stoudemire, ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Sullivan, ’95

Mr. Robert M. Sutton, Jr., ’85

Mr. Peter J. Thedinga, ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Thompson, ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Tisdale, ’70

Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Warren, ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah M. Williams, III, ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Yarborough, ’93

Legacy Society

Planned Giving

The Citadel Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends who support The Citadel with deferred gifts. Through their generosity and foresight, legacy donors help to secure the future of the institution through a variety of estate planning tools. The Citadel Legacy Society is open to individuals who have included The Citadel in their estate planning and who provide the college with documentation of their gift.

R. Michael Brannock, ’01

Mr. John T. Crawford, Jr., ’95

Mr. Daniel B. Crosby, ’95

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Davis, ’85

Mr. Timothy M. Donohue, ’81

Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Fernandez, ’80

Mr. Nicholas B. Gavalas, ’72

Col. and Mrs. Harry R. Good, Jr., ’75

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrald D. Hendrix, ’92

Dr. and Mrs. Hugh T. James, ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Krapf, ’82

Col. and Mrs. James H. Lucas, ’62

Mr. Wyndham M. Manning, ’70

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Matthews, ’95

Mr. Stewart L. Miller, ’71

Lt. Col. and Mrs. John C. Newton, III, ’80

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Nicholson, Jr., ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Ousley, ’95

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Thomas P. Pomian, Jr., ’95

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Raftery, ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Richards, III, ’78

Mr. Victor M. Rivera, Jr., ’81

Mr. Frank B. Robards, III, ’81

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Roll, ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Stone, Jr., ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Sullivan, ’95

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Terrell, ’84

Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Thompson, ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Tisdale, ’70

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Washo, ’71

Mr. James S. Wigfall, ’82

Order of the Tartan

Consecutive Giving

The Scottish tartan, a woolen cloth woven in a distinctive pattern of plaid, has long served as a symbol of loyalty and association with a particular region, family or clan. The Citadel’s Order of the Tartan recognizes and celebrates those loyal donors who have given consecutively to The Citadel each year for 25 years or more.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Baldwin, Sr., ’65

Mrs. Graham C. Basto

Mr. Raymond W. Bellamy, ’53

Col. Harry H. Blanke, III, ’83, and Lt. Col. Regina R. Blanke

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Bowers, ’63

Mr. and Mrs. R. David Branton, ’83

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brickell, ’87

Mrs. Peggy Brittingham

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie N. Carter, ’82

Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard Cleveland, ’59

Mr. Auley M. Crouch III, ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Davidson, Jr., ’82

Mr. John T. Diller III, ’59

Mrs. Nancy Duvall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Ford, ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Gayne, Jr., ’66

Mr. James G. Harry, Jr., ’66

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hinds, Jr., ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Hingle, ’78

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Horner, Jr., ’87

The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas L. Hughston, Jr., ’65

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hussey, Jr., ’65

Mr. and Mrs. E. Larry Hutto, Jr., ’91

Rev. and Mrs. Jack T. Kelley, Sr., ’59

CWO4 and Mrs. Stephen D. Kerlin, ’68

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Knight, II, ’81

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Kouten, Jr., ’54

Mr. and Mrs. L. William Krause, ’63

Mrs. Ann C. Laffitte

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lott, III, ’96

Mr. Nicholas B. Lowie, ’57

Mr. and Mrs. H. Craig May, III, ’79

Capt. and Mrs. William L. McKenna, ’76

Capt. and Mrs. P. Glenn Merchant, Jr., ’75

Mrs. Louisa Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nedell, Jr., ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. O’Bryan, Sr., ’59

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. O’Neal, ’50

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Ormerod, Jr., ’62

Col. and Mrs. L. Eugene Pinson, ’72

Christopher F. Pollock

Col. Terrence M. Potter, USA, Ret., ’72

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Probsdorfer, ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Rothschild, ’54

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jacob C. Shuler, ’62

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Sinnott, ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Thompson, ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. Tisdale, Jr., ’77

Mr. E. Russ Tyner, ’59

Mr. and Mrs. Harmannus H. van Bergen, ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Welsh, Sr., ’82