Three institutions awarded $1.12M in grants for teacher education Centers of Excellence

The Citadel was one of three in-state institutions awarded a grant by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education for centers of excellence that develop best practices in teaching-related areas.

Each institution’s center specializes in a critical area for teachers’ effective service to the educational needs of South Carolina. The Citadel was awarded $130,000 for specializing in STEM and Literacy.

“As our state seeks to overcome a historic teacher shortage, these programs will provide support to key areas identified by the receiving institutions,” said Dr. Mariam W. Dittmann, director of the CHE’s Office of Academic Affairs and Licensing. “We are excited to see these centers implement concepts that address our teacher shortage head-on.”

The 2021-2022 grants called for proposals to focus on collaboration with rural school districts or low performing schools.